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Hundred thousand

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The performance "One Hundred Thousand" in Zaporizhia will take place at the Zaporizhia Academic Regional Theater of the Young Spectator.

Why should you go to the theater to the performance "One Hundred Thousand" in Zaporizhzhia?

  1. An interesting stage interpretation of the work of an outstanding classic.
  2. Colorful images of mystical story characters.
  3. Many reasons to think and draw important conclusions.

"One Hundred Thousand" performance in Zaporizhzhia

The theater team presents a mystical story in 2 acts based on the tragicomedy of the same name by Ivan Karpenko-Kary. The roles are performed by: Honored Artists of Ukraine Lyubov Frygan, Maksym Berezner, Serhiy Tsevelyov; Inna Yanovska, Nazar Barannikov, Viktor Latyshev and others. Production director - Gennadiy Shirochenko. The composer is Vyacheslav Todyka. Choreographer – Marianna Fortus.

A new incarnation of the brilliant work of Ukrainian drama on the stage of the Zaporizhia Youth Theater

The work of the luminary of the Ukrainian theater does not lose its relevance in our time. The viewing will be especially interesting thanks to the director's modern look at the well-known story - without "sharovarshchyna" and illustrations of peasant life. Your attention is an amazing mystical story, in the center of which is the greedy Gerasim Kalitka, for whom even a dubious scam is quite acceptable on the way to profit and enrichment. In the performance of talented actors, the image of a person overcome by mad passion will be revealed as vividly as possible. It is a strong drive that awakens a mysterious power. And then there is the loss of the soul and the road to the moral abyss. Duration - 2 hours and 10 minutes.

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