Passion for Idiot

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On October 24-27, a series of 4 plays by the legendary playwright KLIMa will take place in the "DAK" theater.

The "Passion for Idiot" project or the non-existing chapters of the "Idiot" novel:
- I, She, not Me and I (October 24)
- Evil performance (October 25)
- She, I, not I and She (October 26)
- Dream of Dostoevsky about a cat speaking (October 27)

The shows will be held within the framework of the tour of the MDT Theater (Kharkiv). Directed by Alex Wright.

Each performance is a separate story, which begins and ends in one evening. The themes of love and death, pride and unforgiveness, a crazy desire to turn back time and perhaps remember the forgotten plan to escape from yourself.

The author of the plays KLIM - one of the recognized leaders of the modern avant-garde theater, theatrical philosopher, director and playwright.

KLIMa's plays are a philosophical ritual, a space for reflection on their lives, the ability to deal with questions in several hours of play or vice versa, to ask these questions.

In the late 1990s KLIM practically settled down in the DHA, whose leader Vlad Troitsky took a lot from his friend and mentor. The DAH's repertoire in 2006-2012 made up 80 percent of the text of KLIMa.

KLIMa's theatricality is special - it's crystal theatricality. Fine, fragile, where everything is important, any nuance, movement, look, intonation, head rotation. Everything is so stylish - and at the same time so humane.

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