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Why should I go to the show "Quarter 95"?

1. New images, fresh jokes, topical parodies, all in one inimitable concert.
2. Vladimir Zelensky, Elena Kravets, Evgeny Koshevoi and all your favorite "quarters" right in your city.
3. To laugh heartily and have fun together with the recognized comedians of the country.

The famous team is out of competition - it's coming soon in your city! Meet: sparkling and long-awaited, topical and immensely talented artists of the "Studio Kvartal-95" with a grandiose program! This can not be missed.

A new tour of your favorite comedians will cover many cities in the country. And you can be one of the first to hear the fresh jokes of "quarters". We are sure that you have enough strength to laugh all evening, being imbued with the delicate humor of new jokes, bright reprises and hot parodies. And more: try to sleep as much as possible pets with powerful applause.

Who today has the most numerous audience among the humorous projects? No doubt, these dinosaurs have humor, at the "Studio Kvartal-95". At their concerts come everything - from small to large, people of all estates and views.

First-rate humor of "quarters" is always alive and relevant. Perhaps there are no such themes that great artists would not joke about. Thinly and juicy they humor about politics and medicine, about our life and many other things. Well, let someone wait for the release of new shows on TV. And you will see it live.

Be aware of the best jokes of the season! Waiting for everybody!

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