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On February 15, the incredible and unsurpassed Sukhishvili will burst onto the stage of Musical Comedy Theatre. 100 dancers and 2500 costumes, an amazing orchestra and unique instruments.

Why is it worth going to the concert of the Sukhishvili ensemble in Odesa?

1. To fall in love with magnificent dancers at a glance.
2. To enjoy the new program of the famous team.
3. To get a powerful boost of vigor and experience vivid emotions.

Georgian National Ballet "Sukhishvili" on the stage of the Musical Comedy Theater

On February 15, unsurpassed masters of dance "Sukhishvili" will perform on the stage of Musical Comedy Theatre. Chic folk costumes, divine grace, musical colors of the concert – an incredible pleasure!

The Musical Comedy Theater is one of the most modern Odesa playgrounds in terms of technical equipment. All conditions will be created here so that the ingenious ensemble will reveal its mastery to the public as much as possible. 2 hours of continuous aesthetic pleasure are waiting for you!

Odesa always awaits performances of the Sukhishvili ensemble with joy and impatience.

Today, the ballet participants are trendsetters and heroes of films and books.

Georgian ballet "Sukhishvili" in Odesa

Residents and guests of Odesa will see a new program. Exclusive performances, bold performances, inimitable craftsmanship will once again confirm the ballet with the title of "Eighth Wonder of the World" and the collective defying gravity.

The ensemble’s work includes the centuries-old history of the Georgian people, the nobility of a national character. In each production, musical pictures come to life, reviving the imagination of the viewer. It is no coincidence that Sukhishvili was the first folk dance ensemble to be invited to perform at the famous La Scala theater.

Concert "Sukhishvili" is a celebration of dance that cannot be forgotten!

Where to buy tickets for the concert of the Sukhishvili ensemble in Odesa?

Order tickets for the concert of the Sukhishvili ensemble at the Odesa Musical Comedy Theater on Hurry up to book the best places!

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