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Sukhishvili show ballet in Lviv! The legendary Sukhishvili ensemble will perform at the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater on February 27 and 28.

Why go to a concert of the Sukhishvili ensemble in Lviv?

  1. See a show that is selling out the world.
  2. Enjoy the performance of more than 100 skilled dancers.
  3. Immerse yourself in the world of luxurious movements and unique melodies.

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili in Lviv

On February 27 and 28, we invite you to the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater for a performance by the incredible Sukhishvili! The grandiose show program from the world-famous band is a source of unbridled energy and new powerful impressions. It is impossible to miss. Invite loved ones and friends, come just for yourself - to be inspired and feel a real uplift.

You can order tickets now.

Spectacular show of Sukhishvili's ballet on the stage of the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater

The legendary ensemble has a rich history. Today, the audience is amazed by the performances of the third generation of Sukhishvili. Complex but refined movements, unique atmosphere, incredible musical accompaniment are the components of the Georgian dance universe.

You will see a grand show with the participation of Sukhishvili's own ballet orchestra. More than 2,500 costumes were sewn for the program, new numbers were created. Go with the great dancers to the majestic Georgia and join the high art!

Where to buy tickets for the Sukhishvili Ballet concert in Lviv?

You can arrange tickets for the Sukhishvili Ballet concert on the Concert.ua website online.

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