A mix of heavens and a farce

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Why should you go to a creative evening A mix of heavens and a farce?

1. The main thing from the rich history of the theater
2. The whole troupe on the same stage in one evening
3. Favorite sketches and creative surprises

Creative group of the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama. Lesya Ukrainka invites everyone to a jubilee creative evening, a remembrance "A mix of heavens and a farce" The whole richest story of the Theater is in a two-hour program! Do not miss!

The name "Mixture of heavens and a booth" was chosen by the team not by chance: this is the definition of the theater proposed by David Samoylov, an outstanding poet of the last century. But it's true: where else, if not in the theater, is reality and falsity, tragedy and farce, spirituality and lowland so close? Only on the stage of the Temple Melpomene truth is born, no matter how complex and contradictory it was.

The jubilee evening will bring many pleasant surprises: bright acting performances, fragments of the best productions of the theater.

The performance takes place without an interval and lasts 2 hours.

The director-director is Mikhail Reznikovich.

On the stage - the whole troupe of the theater: Kashlikov Kirill, Oziryaniy Sergey, Lunchenko Eugene, Ryabin Andrei, Barkovskaya Irina, Gavrilyuk Olga, Drobnaya Elena, Nikitin Oleg, Plavun Valentina, Rubina Alla, Olga Goldys, Shimko Alexander, Tenenbaum Vladislav, Anatoly Burov, Rabin Alexey, Shabanov Alexander.

The main role will be played, as it should, by His Majesty the Theater.

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