Super Ball Show

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Why go to the Super Balloon Show?

1. The new baby Super Ball Show will surprise everyone!
2. The host of the show will be the favorite clowns of adults and children - the kind and funny Tutta and Senya.
3. Replenish reserves of excellent mood and plunge into miracles - the dream of spectators of all ages.

The funniest Odessa residents Tutta and Senya, along with the Agugugu channel, invite all children and adults to the SUPER SHAR SHOW! Only balloons, only adventures!

In the magical Balloon Country live - Princess Balloons, Senya and Tutta. Everything in their kingdom is good. Everyone plays with balloons, rejoice and have fun. But the evil Sharomyga, who does not like joy, fun and especially balloons, decided to ruin the life of all the inhabitants of the magic ball kingdom and burst all the balls. He claims that everything from the air is not real! Tutta, Senya and the Princess of Balloons together with the audience defeat the evil Sharomygu with joy and fun and prove to him that the joy of balloons is real!

Be sure to come to the SHAROOTPADNOY SHOW! And have fun from the heart!

You will find a huge castle in the air, a lot of contests, fun, good mood and a real balloon ballad! So every child will definitely go home with a balloon. The country of balls and adventures is always open for you!

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