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Certificate of life

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Why is it worth to visit the performance "Certificate of Life"?

1. Discover for yourself the most vivid memories of an amazing actress.
2. Enjoy the game "magnificent seven".
3. To think: what is written in my personal "testimony"?

"Certificate of Life" is a unique theatrical production based on the book of the incomparable actress Ada Rogovtseva. And since the book reflects the real events of the past, this performance in the genre is more journalistic than artistic.

If you want to get a "skeleton in the closet" of a famous actress, then you will be disappointed. "The certificate of life" tells more about life in the theater and about human destinies, but this is not the biography of the actress.

Thanks to the full return of the "magnificent seven" (it is worth noting that each actor plays in the production of how many roles), the performance deserves everyone's attention, and the abundance of photos and videos from Rogovtseva's personal archive adds to it a certain "zest".

Cast will be shining: A. Kireeva, L. Rusnak, O. Atanasova, A. Mostrenko, S. Orlichenko, A. Samayeva, A. Sklyarenko. Also on the scene will be the incomparable Ada Rogovtseva.

Do not miss!

Perhaps, the seen performance will make you think about your own life. Change what is written in your "Certificate of Life", it's not too late!

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