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Film festival about love in the garden

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The Botanical Garden will host a romantic and mysterious film festival about love 💛
The festival will show the most romantic and insightful film about love.
The viewer will choose the film only by description, without knowing the name of the film until the session.
But one thing he can know for sure: it will be a magical movie that will warm and stay with him for a long time 🌿
So go ahead for the feelings:

A film about love № 1/8 September 20:00
A sincere, easy and touching movie about two lovers in Paris. He, she and Paris, what else is needed for a perfect love movie?
But the love of the heroes of the film is not simple, but as Dovlatov wrote: "this is no longer love, this is destiny." Charming streets of Paris, a small cozy cafe, a small French courtyard, the calm flow of the Seine ...
And if it's not a masterpiece, then at least a little movie happiness.
A film about love № September 2/9 20:00
Many call this movie fabulous, and some admit that they have not seen anything better and more honest about love.
About the love of two ordinary people in a big city, about how difficult it is sometimes to accept love and trust it. How sometimes you need to believe in your love and fight for it, and not give up at the sight of difficulties. A real and good movie about real people.
And in this movie, one of the main roles is played by Al Pacino.
A film about love № 3/10 September 20:00
This is probably the most beautiful movie about love in recent years.
This is a real work of art, which many call a masterpiece. This is not a typical plot film, where one event is replaced by another, but an emotion film, a film in which the director managed to show an incredibly beautiful world around us, consider life as a picture, beautiful and at the same time sometimes sad or happy, enchanting with its uniqueness and the beauty of every moment of being.
A film about love № 4/11 September 20:00
This is a story that gives viewers warmth and faith in people. A story that will make the viewer look around and understand that there are many people with a capital letter, and whatever it is, it is not necessary to do heroic deeds, but rather to treat those around us with understanding and kindness.
After watching a movie you want to tell everyone about it, and some people have even started blogging on the Internet to do so.
Get ready to be kinder and walk around with a smile a few days after watching!
A film about love № 5/12 September 20:00
And we end our festival with perhaps the most beautiful film about love ever made.
Incredibly beautiful love story, forever became a classic of cinema. This is the standard of cinematography, marked by all possible film awards: 2 Oscars, 2 Cannes awards, including the Golden Branch, 2 Golden Globes, the gold of the British Film Academy and many other film awards.
This is a perfect movie, about imperfect people, living in the hearts of millions, like a fairy tale, but so reminiscent of real life.

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