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Why go for "NEW YEAR'S TALE. 12 MONTHS"?

1. Give the child a fairy tale.
2. To see a fairy tale performed by a theater of sand animation, actors and orchestra.
3. To visit the present and probably the best children's New Year's performance.

New Year's fairy tale from the creators of the best project "Classic for children" - Svitlo Concert!

Together with you, we will delve into the story written by Samuel Marshak about true friendship, courage, miracles and trust. About why good always overcomes evil, and why, if you are a good person, snowdrops will bloom in December. Therefore, twelve months invite you to your campfire to meet together this unforgettable new year.

In the magical tunes that the orchestra of "Kiev Virtuosos" will play for you, we will go to the magic fairy tale world created by the Golden Lion sand animation theater, where we will be accompanied by one of all children, an actor of the theater. I. Franko - Alexander Pecheritsa.

The approach of the new year is by far the most anticipated and exciting moment of the winter holidays. Outside the window, snowflakes fly through the streets, in search of gifts, anxious adults run around, and the room smells of toys and garlands, an evergreen Christmas tree. Everything around is gradually turning into a quiet winter fairy tale, where amidst a thick snowy forest, a campfire awaits you for twelve months and their fascinating history, which occurred on the eve of the new year.

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