Theater in the Dark: "Chapter 13" by Mikhail Bulgakov

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For the first time in Kiev you will find a unique performance in complete darkness, based on the most mysterious chapter in the incredible novel "Master and Margarita" by Michael Mykhailo Bulgakov.

This chapter is autobiographical and goes under the number of the house where Mikhail Opanasovich was born, on the Andreevsky descent, and is called "The Hero's Phenomenon".

In it the Master, who is in the madness, tells us about himself, his lover and his novel. The main theme of the chapter is the man, his place in the world, his purpose, his destiny. The fate of the Master is so similar to that of Yeshua. But either a person similar to Yeshua or more often a complete antagonist.

The actor of the New Pechersk Theater Grigory Baklanov, grand piano, darkness and you participate in the performance.

See you on that side ...

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