Theater in the Dark: Mayakovsky's All Mouth

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A unique performance in complete darkness, dedicated to Vladimir Mayakovsky's poems and letters.

One day, no known student Mayakovsky, returning from the play with David Burliuk, read him a poem "his acquaintance", to which Burliuk stopped, looked at Mayakovsky from head to toe and said:
- So you wrote it yourself.
After that Burliuk, introducing Mayakovsky to his friends, said:
- This is the famous poet Mayakovsky.
He also told Mayakovsky to write poems that would not substitute Burliuk. Thus was born the star Vladimir Mayakovsky, whose poems and letters our performance will be dedicated to.

The actor of the New Theater in Pechersk, Grigory Baklanov, as well as the old grand piano, darkness and you, take part in the performance.

See you on that side ...

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