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"Waltzes, Poles, Marches" by Johann Strauss

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Why is it worth going to Johann Strauss's Waltz, Polka, Marches concert?

1. To feel the fairy tale with the orchestra.
2. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Vienna Ball with the music of Strauss.
3. Give a festive, Christmas mood to yourself and the whole family!

Every year the orchestra, together with Hobart Earle, give the Odessans a Christmas, Viennese tale, performing Strauss waltzes!

Traditionally, on the eve of the Old New Year, "Waltzes, regiments, marches" are heard by Johann Strauss - conductor of the court balls of Vienna, "The King of Waltzes".

For 25 years, the orchestra and chief conductor Hobart Earl have continued to give the Odessans and city guests a festive mood with Strauss music. Maestro Earl studied and directed the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, which allowed him to work with the Odessans to "liven up the magic of Strauss music" (Sunday Times, Western Australia).

After the concerts of the National Philharmonic Orchestra and Hobart Earl, the Vienna newspaper Die Presse wrote: “Earl and his orchestra almost perfectly understood the Viennese waltz language. The orchestrators carefully studied the scores and did not miss a single subtlety ... Earl subtly reproduced the elegant waltz paintings and managed to create a mood for the audience with refined phrasing. "

And in 2010, after touring the orchestra, the Herald Tribune newspaper noted that the performance of Strauss' works by Odessans and maestro had become the best in Austria in the last few years.

It was Johann Strauss who "elevated" dance music to symphonic summits, later made by Gershwin with jazz. And it was in Strauss's work that the waltz found immortality.

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