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Why is it worth going to a concert by Svyatoslav Kondrativ?

1. This concert will not happen again! Each Maestro program is unique and inimitable.
2. Enjoy the unsurpassed game, beautiful music and crazy energy of the First Violin of Ukraine!
3. Plunge into the magical romantic world of travel and music by Svyatoslav Kondrativ #SvitOchimaSkripal’s author’s project.

The project of Svyatoslav Kondrativ #SvitOchimaSkripal is known for amazing music videos that are made by a violinist in various parts of the world - Meteors of Greece, dunes of the Sahara, Norwegian fjords, Venice, Barcelona, etc.

The music of the Maestro has already won the hearts of thousands of fans throughout Ukraine and beyond. About 100 concerts over the past two years, which the violinist gave along with his band at the country's leading concert venues confirm the high level and popularity of the Artist. He is rightly called the First Violin and the most romantic violinist in Ukraine! Stylish and charismatic Svyatoslav Kondrativ conquers with his charm, virtuosity and talent from the first minutes! And the energy that reigns on stage, the original video sequence and lively sound fascinate and transfer listeners to a musical fairy tale, from which I do not want to return!

“Nicola is not a fan of nothing. Your concerts in your place have not been missed by zhoden ... Great is the pride for creativity, for joy, for holy soul! I’m also checking my fortune ... ”, Natalya Boloban (Kryvyi Rih)“ Master, you create wonderful music! ” Bravo! New creative success to you! ”, Alena Kondratenko (Kherson)

“May you please, I’ve been pacing at your concert, but I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m not happy! Вітання з м. Ужгород », Katerina Zuban (Uzhhorod)

“Chernivchani you for a miracle! Tse Bulo is unique! Dosі pіd in a strong emotion, yakili streamed to the concert! I can’t know the video, but the record “Parisians” !!! Can you know the melody? ”Emma Vyunova (Chernivtsi)

“Thank you so much for the sun in the heart!” YOU ARE GREAT! BOW YOU AND YOUR TEAM! BRAVO! ”, Lena Belokurskaya (Vinnitsa)

“We love you, Svyatoslav!”, Lilia Voroncova (Melitopol)

“Dyakumo! Sjogodnі bulo fainesno! ... "Olena Korenivska (Lviv)

“You had a concert yesterday!” Impressions can’t convey ... still goosebumps after watching the shot video on the phone, do not get tired to watch! Thank you very much for your talent! We are waiting for you again and again ”Yulia Danilova (Zaporozhye)

“Shyro dyako, maestro for a wonderful evening! The genial of music and the vision! ”Nadiya Hnasevych (Ternopil)

“Bravo, Maestro, for a concert at Rivne !!! Not goosebumps, but tarantulas for the shkіrі vіd divine music. I’ll love the violin and check the concert! ”Halyna Kruhlyk (Exactly)

“Dear friends! I AM YOU without interruption for YOUR heart, splashes, eyes, yaki, I attend concerts, video guides, like I read on my Facebook page and YouTube! VI I don’t need to motivate collapse far and ahead for YOU new songs and videos! Gotuєmo new bombing program! With impatience I am checking out for you! Come! Your Svyatoslav Kondratіv! "

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