Esquizet & Chasing Embers - Sweet and Violent Tour

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why go to an Esquizet & Chasing Embers concert?

1. Atmospheric and mysterious Chasing Embers.
2. Interesting and bright Esquizet.
3. Stick and drive the show!

Two cool albums from Chasing Embers and Esquizet ходять will be released this fall

Esquizet & Chasing Embers - Sweet and Violent Tour is a tour of Ukrainian cities with a presentation of new products, incredible shows and a driving atmosphere! We are heading to your city to show the energy of our music and create a small but very interesting story with you!

17.10 - Poltava
18.10 - Kropyvnytskyi
19.10 - Yellow Waters
20.10 - Krivoy Rog
21.10 - Mykolaiv
22.10 - Odessa
24.10 - Vinnytsia
1.11 - Kiev

The ESQUIZET group stand out clearly among the alternative scene teams in Kiev. The band's music is a mix of dirty noisy guitars, an aggressive yet melodic vocal by Nastya Schwydenko, experiments with rhythms, form and electronic psychedelic effects that make ESQUIZET sound absolutely unique and recognizable.
During the existence of the musicians recorded two EPs, marked by most media as the best releases of the year, released several videos (directed by one of which is Viktor Pryduvalov). Performed at various festivals of Ukraine: Respublica Fest, OtherMusic Festival, Rock'n'Girls Fest, Riot Fest, Hedonism, David Bowie Night and others.

This fall, the Kiev band Chasing Embers is launching its debut album Beckoning Call. The album promises to be conceptual and will tell the story of a man who, since the advent of the high-tech era, was detached from its natural beginning. The lyrics of each song are imbued with a call to return to their roots, to follow their true desires and not to be influenced by society. Chasing Embers music harmoniously combines the best sides of alternative metal, new metal and old school heavy metal. All this is decorated with flamboyant occult images. All fans of bands like Godsmack, System of a down, Mudvayne - Chasing Embers are a must-listen!

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