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formula of immortality in 2 actions

Libretto - K. Rubinsky based on the play by K. Čapek

The formula of immortality ... What is it? To open it, people dreamed from time immemorial. And do not think that it’s all too vain ... Humanity did succeed in this and somewhere even managed to deceive time! Today it is fashionable to be young, smart, and in this race for “youth” we sometimes lose or miss the most important thing - life itself, with all its nuances, emotions, tastes, smells and feelings ...

The musical is based on a play by Karel Čapek, written in the spirit of a Gothic novel. The performance can be compared with a fascinating mystical detective, which gradually, step by step, reveals the amazing secret of the elixir of eternal youth, which prolonged the life of Elina Makropoulos.

Would you like to live 300 years? Let's stop and together try to figure out what makes us happy? What is filled every moment of our life? What makes the blood boil and beat the heart? And who knows, maybe we will discover the formula of immortality?

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