Mystery of the snow globe

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The mystery of the snow globe in Odessa! We are waiting for you 2020-01-02 at 11:00 at the Concert Hall "Victory Gardens", Odessa.
You can buy tickets for the Secret of the snow globe at online. And also place an order with delivery by courier or pick up an order on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (on the eve of the event, these methods become unavailable).

Why is it worth going to the New Year's show "The Secret of the Snow globe"?

1. New Year without a festive matinee - like a sandwich without sausage!
2. The host of the show will be the favorite clowns of adults and children - the kind and funny Tutta and Senya.
3. To replenish stocks of excellent mood and plunge into miracles is the dream of spectators of all ages.

In the concert hall of the Victory Gardens a wonderful New Year's show "The Secret of the Snow globe" will be held. Funny jokes, funny characters, a fascinating story and many, many bright surprises await the guests of the show. Come with your whole family and enjoy the wonderful holiday program!

The creators of the show "The Secret of the Snow globe" - the famous Odessa Show Theater "Here We Are." Its stunning actors will arrange the kids a real winter holiday and give an unforgettable experience.

Children will be able to chat with their favorite clowns of adults and children - smart Tutta and cheerful Senya.

New Year's show "Secret of the snow globe" is:
• spectacular parade of carnival costumes;
• funny good heroes;
• incendiary songs and dances;
• interactive games and contests;
• unexpected surprises;
• pleasant gifts and a car of excellent mood.

Recall that Tutta and Senya are well known to children of the whole country thanks to the popular TV show "TeleMiliTrymdiya". The program has been repeatedly awarded with prizes of all-Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals: “Zolote Kurcha”, “Dityatko”, “Vidkriy Ukrainy”, “Eurasian Teleforum”.

Come for holiday emotions!

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