Such Jewish happiness

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I. Poklad "Such Jewish Happiness"

The famous musical by I. Poklad “Such Jewish Happiness” is an unforgettable story about laughter through tears, loyalty and betrayal, hypocrisy and bravery. And all this - with the unique color of the famous Odessa courtyards, filled with humor, anecdotal oddities and funny stories that constantly occur with cheerful and witty locals ...

Once, it was possible to leave for permanent residence abroad except ... Jews. There were dodgers who used it. One of these married a Jewish woman and went to Israel. But the family idyll did not last long. The villain left his wife and ran off the other over the ocean. And although it is painful to leave the Motherland, his relatives and friends, Baba Manya, the beloved of the big and friendly Odessa court, is going to help her granddaughter and bring home not too decent son-in-law.

The vibrant, dynamic and vital musical for over 20 years has enjoyed unchanged success with the public, and the performer of the role of Baba Mani, People’s Artist of Ukraine Tamara Timoshko-Goryushko, has repeatedly been recognized as the “best performer of the main female role” at various theater competitions and festivals.

The performance is in Russian

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