Dancing on suitcases

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Why go to the "Dancing on suitcases" show?

1. Look at the most pleasant and sincere performance.
2. Find true love.
3. Rate the cool acting game.

Rather catch the moment and get the tickets! We are waiting for you at the Bravo Theater.

Decorate the cold winter evening by visiting a moving performance from the Bravo Theater. "Dancing on suitcases" by Richard Bayer in the production of director Tetyana Arkushhenko - a special story.

Such kind, optimistic and wonderful emotional comedies have not been put long ago. But "Bravo" is an exception to the general rule and it is on the stage of this theater that most emotional comedies are born.

And although the creators themselves say little about the play, probably inducing the viewer to come personally and appreciate the intricate plot, we know for sure that "Dancing on a suitcase" is a story about love. About a true feeling that is not interesting, how old are you or what your luggage is. It's just a come!

Those eternal matters will be considered by the characters of comedies played by unsurpassed actors: V. Ishchenko and V. Shestakov.

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