Dad, did you love me?

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The play "Dad, did you love me?" in Kiev. The Golden Gate Theater in Kyiv presents a production in the genre of family memories, "Dad, did you love me?".

Why is it worth going to the play "Dad, did you love me?" in Kyiv?

1. The performance was successfully staged on the stages of theatrical art festivals.
2. History will once again remind you of the power of family ties.
3. The themes of the performance will find a response in the soul of each viewer.

The play "Dad, did you love me?" in Kyiv

The Golden Gate Theater presents Stas Zhyrkov’s play "Dad, did you love me?" based on the play by the Belarusian playwright Dmytro Bohoslavskyi. The performance was included in the list of the five best premieres of Kyiv (theater critics rating "Kyiv Account"). Do not miss!

Family memories in 2 acts on the stage of the Golden Gate Theater

Alexander, one of the heroes of history, sees his late father in a dream every night. And also a well in the yard. And for some reason, only the father and son speak of the well. Alexander knows well what it takes to clean a water source: a shovel, a bucket, a ladder... But why does he need all this? Why in dreams – the father always talks about the well and never – about whether he loved his son. And why suddenly some Albert begins to offer his help?

This performance is about emptiness that settles in the soul with the loss of loved ones. And the fact that you still need to somehow live on...

The author is Dmytro Bohoslavskyi.
Director – Stas Zhyrkov.
Actors – Anton Solovei, Vitalina Bibliv, Oleksandr Yarema, Inna Miroshnychenko, Iryna Tkachenko, Roman Yasynivskyi, Liliia Tsvelikova.

The duration of the performance is 2 hours 15 minutes, with intermission.

Attention: profanity is used.

For viewers from 16 years old.

Where to buy tickets for the play "Dad, did you love me?" in Kyiv?

You can get tickets for the play "Dad, did you love me?" at the Golden Gate Theater in Kyiv on the site