Dad, did you love me?

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Why is it worth going to the play "Daddy, did you love me"?

1. For the second time, think about what place in the life of a person is the family.
2. Recognize that bright childhood memories are a very important part of our spiritual world.
3. The performance will be interesting for spectators of different ages.

Theater "Golden Gate" presents the play directed by Stas Zhirkov "Dad, did you love me"? The setting is addressed to a wide audience and will not leave anyone indifferent.

One of the heroes of the play, Alexander, every night sees a dream in which - his deceased father and a well in the yard ... And only about the well in these dreams constantly says the father. And Alexander well knows that to clean it you need a ladder, a scoop, a bucket, an iron brush ... But why would he need this knowledge? Why does the native person mention only the well and never mention whether he loved the son? Especially strange are the visions now, when the sisters are going to sell the house. And with it - well, and the memory of childhood.

In the soul settles emptiness with the departure of loved ones ... The feeling of family is lost. There is some Albert offering his help ...

We must live on. And so you want to not cry out in your sleep: "Daddy, did you love me?"

Roles perform: Anton Solovey, Vitalina Bibles, Alexander Yarema, Inna Miroshnichenko, Irina Tkachenko, Roman Yasinovsky.

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Tatu, did you love me?

28 December 2018 19:00


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