Mystery of the Grand Hotel Budapest

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For the first time in Ukraine!

Interactive show-show for children and parents - "The Secret of the Grand Hotel" Budapest "

The main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine - NSC "Olympic" invites everyone to brightly meet New Year holidays!

From December 19, we open the door for all the seekers of adventure and secrets.

Find out the secret of Grand Hotel Budapest!

Every hotel has its secrets. In one live ghosts, in the other - people disappear, and in some midnight objects revive ... Do not believe? Make sure yourself. But be prepared to become a participant in a grand show, perform interactive tasks, open secret locks, find out whether your heart and reveal the secret of Budapest Hotel.

Do not miss the opportunity for the whole family to become part of the most mysterious and grandiose show! Immerse yourself in the world of adventure, secrets and genuine New Year's miracle!

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