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Why go to TEULIS Shadow Theater?

1. Theater - conquered and surprised many world capitals.
2. An original combination of high-class acrobatics, theater, optical illusions, excellent soundtrack and amazing video projections.
3. The most unusual and most sought after theater today.

Teulis Shadow Theater will present the show “Your Shadow” in 2020!

Each year for the theater was significant in its own way. New forms, technical solutions and new features. I want to unite all of them and show them for the best. That is why the theater is returning to the stage this year with the show “Your Shadow”. It will include fragments from the already known shows “Lord of the Shadows” and “Eternal History”, as well as numbers that you have not seen before.

Using live scenery from the shadows you can achieve a unique but simple story to understand without words, and at the same time, so fascinating as to plunge into its events with your head.

The main characters of the show "Your Shadow" dream of making a film. Throughout history, they will travel through their memories, fall in love and quarrel, so that later, in the end, united to realize their dream. And, we are sure that after watching everyone will find what he was looking for. Perhaps on the same day, and perhaps a little later, like the heroes of history who deserve a happy ending for their perseverance and courage to be yourself.

The Teulis Shadow Theater proves that all fantasies can be realized with the help of the shadows of the human body. You will plunge into bewitching shows and breathtaking choreography that will easily captivate your heart ...

Over the past 4 years, TEULIS Shadow Theater has been a finalist of the biggest talent shows in Italy, Turkey, Russia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He toured in Finland, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Japan. 35 thousand spectators stood off to see the artists off.

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