Theater in your pocket, or All roles are occupied

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An elegant musical anecdote is called the Singspiel "Theater Director" BA. Mozart. The opera was written in 1786 by the order of Josef II, King of the Habsburg-Lorraine dynasty, a representative of enlightened absolutism.

Once, in honor of the visit of his political partner Kaiser of Austria Josef II, arranged a theatrical contest for two composers - Mozart and Salieri. The monarch wanted to know what was better: the Italian comic operas, or the German Singspitz? Salieri won. At that time he was more popular and the public's preferences were given to his Italian comic opera. Over time, the work of Salieri was forgotten, and Mozart's singer "Theater Director" on the libretto of the Austrian playwright Gottlieb Stefanie - is popular until now!

The plot of the opera reveals the eternal backstage themes. Two capricious and eccentric divas demand personal preferences and large fees from the director of the theater, and he, threatening to cancel the performance, calls on everyone to think only of high art.

In the structure of the German comic opera Singspiel, vocal arias and conversational dialogues alternate, and in the production "Theater in the pocket, or All roles are occupied" by the young director Maxim Bulgakov, the comic operas of Mozart alternate.

The director of the theater and his assistant buff select an actor's troupe for the production of the singspiel "Bastien and Bastienne" - an opera that they will play on the stage of the theater in the theater! A tender, pastoral musical story about two lovers, the young shepherdess Bastienne and her beloved Bastien, reunite the hearts that help the magician Kolas.

One-act opera singspiel "Bastien and Bastienne" was written by Mozart when he was 12 years old, but for the first time on the big stage it was staged only a hundred years after the composer's death, in 1890 in Berlin.

The director of the play, one of the winners of the contest "Musical Art Project", Maxim Bulgakov boldly combines one-act operas into a rather complicated plot of the opera-singspiel "Theater in the pocket, or All the roles are occupied." He unexpectedly and somewhat bizarrely depicts lyric heroes, while touching on the pressing issues of the influence of power, money on the feelings and actions of people. "If you feel falseness in words, then you need to look for the truth in action" - says Maxim Bulgakov.

Director, choreographer - Maxim Bulgakov
Conductor - Sergei Nesteruk
Set designer - Olga Levchenko
Lighting design - Ruslan Dolinich
Sound producer - Nadezhda Sidorova
Assistants to the director - Elena Isayeva, Olga Zhmura, Maxim Kozolup
Concertmasters - Lyubov Titarenko, Elizaveta Khlyapova, Zoya Volodarskaya

Characters and performers:

FRANK ZYUSMAER, KOLAS - n. a. Ukraine Sergey Bondarenko, Valentin Kotenko
BUFF, TARAKAN - Anatoly Suprun, Dmitry Sharaburin
EILER, TARAKAN - Dmitry Vivcharyuk, Cyril Baskovsky
MADAM HERZ, BASTIENNA - h. a. Ukraine Galina Gregorchak-Odrinskaya, Elena Arbuzova
Mademoiselle ZILBERKLANG, BASTIENNA - h. a. Ukraine Galina Gregorchak-Odrinskaya, h. a. Ukraine Irina Bespalova-Primak, Yana Tatarova
FOGELZANG, BASTIEN- Vladimir Odrinsky, Anatoly Pogrebny
TARAKAN - Oksana Mirson, Solomyia Priymak, Tatiana Didukh
Cockroaches - ballet dancers

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