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Why should you go to the play Profitable place?

1. A comedy with serious meaning and topical issues
2. Immersion in the plot, empathy with the main character
3. Proven time and love of the audience staging

Is it easy to be principled and right in a world where everyone is looking for benefits? How not to lose yourself to a person who is not ready to "go head over"? To be "like everyone else" or is it committed to its ideal representation? These and other philosophical questions do not cease to excite minds for several centuries and there is no unequivocal answer.

The play by AN Ostrovsky "Profitable place" is another attempt to decide for yourself whether everyone decides money.

The plot of the comedy revolves around the life of the young ambitious officer Zhdanov, who, despite his post, is not looking for easy money, does not want to subservient to his superiors or to seek protectors. He is sure that anywhere you can live honestly, albeit poorly.

But alas, the surrounding well-wishers seek to "help" the miserable Zhdanov, and even met with his rebuff, begin to act through his own wife. Confused by doubts, the young man agrees to ask for a "warmer" place, but in the higher circles he is waited with a new surprise - he is laughed at, blaming him for weak character and insolvency. How will this story end? What will Zhdanov decide for himself? See for yourself!

The fascinating plot of the comedy, which remains relevant after centuries, gained a new breath in the production of director Arcadia Katz. A consummate game of actors makes you genuinely empathize with the characters.

In the "Profitable place" will play the best actors of the theater: B. Voznyuk, T. Nazarova, N. Share, A. Natalushko, E. Avdeenko, A. Polishchuk, M. Nikitin, V. Ovcharov, A. Getmansky and others.

The duration of the performance is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Comedy with intermission.

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Profitable place

06 January 2019 19:00


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