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International Festival of Modern Dance The Choreography Territory

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Why go to the festival "Choreography Territory"?

1. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the largest international festival of modern dance in the city of Dnipro
2. Visit 15 diverse works of contemporary theater and dance
3. Get experience from the leading contemporary Ukrainian and Polish choreographers

The project is part of Adam Mickiewicz's coordinated institute of the international cultural program "POLAND 100", which is carried out within the framework of the multi-year program "INDEPENDENT 2017-2021".

The project is dedicated to the work of outstanding artists of Polish origin, representing the dance avant-garde of the XX century: Yankee Rudzkoi, Paul Nirenskoi, Bronislava Nezhinskaya and Marie Rambert. The festival is one of the stages of long-term cooperation between Ukrainian and Polish dancers. He will for the first time demonstrate Ukrainian and Polish performances in the framework of joint dance evenings on the stages in Kiev and the Dnieper.

The organizer of the festival in the city of Dnipro - Dnipro Body Project - is an independent association of artists of Dnipropetrovsk, working in contemporary dance and performing arts. The mission of the project is to create a permanent platform to support the development and entry into a higher professional level of the dance and performance community in the region.

September 20
Platform of modern dance
Participants: Breaze Dance Theater, Potoki Assorted, A.T.Dance, Bomond Dance Company, Motion Mode Dance Theater, Z13, Anatoly Lyaskalo, Anastasia Kuzmichyova.
Location: City Palace of Children and Youth

September 21
"We Are Where We Are Convenient", Dnepr Modern Ballet, Ukraine
Yanka Rudzka "Multilingualism", Poland, Georgia, Brazil, Armenia
Location: Dnipro Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy

September 22
"#itwouldbeawish" Dnipro body project, Ukraine
Batay and the dawn of the new days, Poland
Location: Dnipro Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy

September 23
"Chasing Paradise"
Lublin Dance Theater, Poland
Location: City Palace of Children and Youth

From 20 to 22 September, the intensive master classes for lovers and dancers of different levels will be held within the framework of the festival, they will be conducted by a young gala of choreographers from Poland and Ukraine. Master classes will be held from various techniques of contemporary and physical theater, such as contemporary, partnering, contemporary jazz, improvisation, and others.

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Information: +38 067 118 15 72

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