Tesla show and other secrets of physics

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Kiev Theater "Millennium" presents the scientific and educational TESLA-SHOW, which reveals to children the amazing secrets of the physics of electricity!

Nikola Tesla was one of the most striking and mysterious engineers and scientists of the first half of the 20th century, whom contemporaries considered a tamer of electricity and lightning, a man who knew the secrets of controlling energies and transmitting them over great distances.

In the TESLA SHOW interactive program, amazing and amazing for children, you will see the most interesting and impressive

- experiments with electric discharges generated by the mysterious coil of the great Nikola Tesla,

- experiments with plasma balls,

- experiments with lasers and neon lamps, prototypes of the luminous swords of the Jedi from the famous "Star Wars",

- experiments on the transfer of electrical energy over distances without wires, and other amazing physical phenomena!

Children will touch the mysterious secrets of natural phenomena and feel like real "Tamers of Electrical Elements"

All the demonstrated experiments are absolutely safe.

Show program duration 60 minutes

Recommended age - from 6 years

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