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Why should you go to The Gitas Concert?

1. Become a witness to the performance of a unique band with international composition and iron reputation of rock and roll ambassadors.
2. Ability to hear incredible soul-rock with splashes of pop music, blues, punk and more heavy rock elements
3. Become one with an incredible power coming from the group on each performance

The Gitas is a group from Los Angeles with the international composition and iron reputation of rock and roll ambassadors.

Some important facts.

Sasha Chemerov - previously known as the leader of the Ukrainian rock group "Dimna Sumish" and music producer, author of such performers as Quest Pistols, Agon, Alexander Revva and others. He is also the author of the poetry book "One" and co-author of texts of the album "Collaba" by Ivan Dorn. Musician six years ago went to live in America and three years later founded a group there. He is currently developing a constructive sect.

Sal Ramazini - a bass guitarist and sex-character The Gitas, was born in the concrete jungle of Guatemala. Before heading to the United States, he was one of the leaders of the underground rock and roll movement in the capital. In difficult times, he was a fake stripper.

Also included is a sampler / effector Igor Kyrylenko. In Ukraine, a musician is known as the scandalous ex-party The Erised, producer of the electronic project Hidden Element and ex-keyboardist Svetlana Loboda. At the moment, The Gitas has spent its happy three months. According to the education of Igor - leading children's holidays.

The new member of the group, Bruno Ragolia, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began playing drums at a very young age thanks to his father, a well-known drummer in the country. Likewise, being a child, he played in the children's league football in the same team with Lionel Messi.

The Gitas has just returned from a successful Guatemalan tour, has released a new EP and track along with Bumboos, and is also preparing a music video for the single "Purge".

We are well acquainted with the energy of Sasha Chemerov, now she has a new breath.

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