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Message from the organizer: "Unfortunately, friends, we are forced to postpone our meeting with THE ILLUSIONISTS.
In connection with the announcement of the COVID-19 virus a pandemic and in order to protect citizens from potential infection, a quarantine has been announced in Ukraine. According to the decision of the authorities, preventive measures are introduced in the cities, which, among other things, limit the possibility of holding mass events. Together with the team of artists we follow the news and are really excited about the active spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, we fully support the decision of the authorities - for the sake of safety and health of the guests.
Currently, the new dates for The Illusionists show in Kiev are in line with management - we will announce them later. Don't worry, all tickets purchased will be valid on the newly announced show dates.
The artists thank you for your support and understanding.
Keep yourselves! In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you in the future. "

Why go to The Illusionists in Kiev?

1. To see with your own eyes the Broadway bestseller.
2. The Illusionists' entertainment is striking to the ants.
3. You feel yourself involved in a magical action beyond the comprehension.

The fascinating show The Illusionists in Kiev

We invite you to the Palace of Ukraine for the grand show The Illusionists. The best illusionists with world names, amazing tricks and ... honest cheating - you've never seen one before. The tricks performed by The Illusionists are compared to Cirque du Soleil!

Choose a convenient date and time, and book tickets for yourself, family and loved ones. Spend time unmatched and enjoy unrealistic world-class shows!

The Illusionists: A show that takes your breath away

The Illusionists is a magical show of Broadway's finest illusionists, including famous members of America's Got Talent, powerful magicians and skilled magicians.

The program - the simplification of the laws of physics, levitation and revitalization of objects, amazing rescue and reading of thoughts ... Even more spectacular disappearances and reincarnations - just before your eyes! Without exaggeration, such a show would be jealous of Goodini himself.

The Illusionists show has already toured more than 200 cities and 25 countries. It has been recognized as the highest grossing Broadway ever. Enchanting half the world, the illusionists go to Ukraine. Wait!

Where to buy tickets to The Illusionists in Kiev?

You can now book tickets to The Illusionists at the Ukraine Palace in Kiev at Buy your ticket online or order courier delivery.

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