The Lord of the Rings. Concert-trilogy

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Why is it up to the concert "The Lord of the Rings"?

1. Unique international project of talented Lviv Symphony Orchestra and choir Gaudeamus (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2. The greatest fantasy-story of the twentieth century will be spoken in the language of music, words and cinema
3. The combination of the geniuses of JRR R. Tolkien, Howard Shore and Peter Jackson in one big evening

Legendary story, temporarily tested. "The Lord of the Rings" - the saga, to which you want to come back again and again. Where the world is majestic and ancient, evil is mighty and terrible, and goodness is bright, as the purest light, and sincere, as the heart of a truly good man. The history that became the standard of the genre of fantasy and the true epic of the twentieth century will tell on the stage the music language of the LUMOS Orchestra and the choir Gaudeamus (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Concert trilogy is a great international project, built on the fierce love of the works of JRR R. Tolkien, Howard Shore's music and Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" cinematography. An event in which the music, the word and the cinema will coexist and create magic together. Major choirs and orchestras, charming soloists with unusual old instruments and full story in a three-part statement: a concert that can make breath breathless and break away from everyday life in the greatest of fictional worlds.

LUMOS Orchestra is a talented Lviv Youth Orchestra, which has been performing concerts with Ukraine for over a dozen years with various soundtrack music projects. Their performance is an event full of unusual atmosphere and beautiful music; an event that is long captured in the hearts of the listeners. More than 600 different soundtracks in the repertoire, thematic projects on Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Disney Studios, series and video games are just a small part of the creativity of the band. And the Trilogy "The Lord of the Rings", the orchestra is rightly considered one of the pearls of its repertoire and musical saga, which not only entertainers love, but also which always collects full halls of admirers among listeners. Artistic director of the orchestra, arranger and concertmaster - Diana Koval, conductor - Nazar Kulinyak.

Gaudeamus is a renowned youth choir from the University of Vilnius, a participant in international competitions and festivals. Founded in 1940, it is one of the oldest and most prominent choirs in Lithuania. Constantly concerts with the Baltics and Europe, takes part in outstanding national projects of various subjects. Talented and full of love for their cause musicians. The leader of Gaudeamus is Rasa Gelgotiene, choirmaster - Ignas Garla, Nerius Macewichus.

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