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Why should I go to The Stand Up?

1. The new program.
2. Friday evening without humor - not Friday night.
3. Evening without The Stand Up - not evening.

Imagine that you are surrounded by idiots (it is not difficult to imagine). And you do not even have to talk to anyone about this. And if there is, then you do not understand (idiots). This infuriates, we know!

Here you come across this event. Buy a ticket. Come to The Stand Up. Comedians come on the scene and each of them talks about these idiots, about how much stupidity in this world.

And there comes a pleasant understanding - you are not alone! And most importantly, now all these idiots will not infuriate you. They will be amusing, but definitely not enrage. It's easier to live like this!

Hosts the Mercure Kyiv Congress Hotel.
The Rooster Grill Restaurant

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