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Why go to The Virophage?

1. Your favorite Kolya and Cyril play bass and drums.
2. The guys will show your new favorite album.
3. A full show with light, video and other special effects

The Virophage band is ready to show their second album and go with a mini-tour to support it in Ukraine. Spectacular show, created specifically for small club scenes will see Kiev, Dnieper, Kharkov and Kamenskoye.

Вирофаг - command number one among electronic groups of Ukraine under version Reverb Nation. The band will be remembered for their insane clips of class B and crazy show. Symbiosis of punk and drum n bays, a real onslaught.

Last year, the INCOLOUR show, played by a band in the Dnieper, inspired many other Dnipro teams to find their own way and create their own shows.

Now the band released the second single "Bug" from the second album "TRUECOLOUR", in support of which the group goes on tour. The video, created in the format of Instagram Story, was created on the basis of the life of the children from the group and shows how people around are petty and how people basically are just a mistake.

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