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Why is it worth going to tick-tock?

1. The genre of the performance is a musical action addressed to families with young children (from 8 to 18 months).
2. The performance invites viewers to explore the relationship between movement and sound and to engage in interaction with performers at any time.
3. The musical action is filled with the sound of various instruments, pleasant melodies reproduce a colorful palette of rhythms, adults together with children can participate or observe the child’s first experience to explore and act.

Premiere shows!

The musical action "Tik-Tak" was created by the Lithuanian director Birute Banevichute in the framework of the residence of the Dansema Theater (Vilnius) in partnership with the DAH Theater (Kyiv). The performance represents a new direction of the theater for young children - "theater for development", which offers to open the possibilities for the development of creative thinking of the audience by means of theatrical action. During the performance, children from 8 to 18 months participate together with the performers - they study the principles of the appearance of sound, create sound drawings. Adults enjoy the leisurely flow of tunes and watch the actions of children receiving the first theatrical experience in their life. The performance presents the project "First Performance / Persha vystava".

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