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Why go to a concert of the Shadow of the Sun?

1. Rock artillery of the Ukrainian scene
2. A team with national color and patriotic lyrics
3. Music of modern Ukrainians - courageous and full of faith in their own strength

On November 1, 2018, Shadow of the Sun presents a new album "Enchanted World" and immediately goes on tour in his support.

The new disc will significantly differ from the band's discography, first of all, with content - this is a long-awaited collection of romantic songs in the history of the Shadows. Traditionally, the album is named after a fragment of one of the compositions that will enter it, but long-time fans of the band probably will immediately understand what is here an additional "highlight": on the disc in a new sound several songs from the parallel romantic project "Enchanted World", which "Shadow Sun "started a long time ago, but for various reasons, it was postponed to a" distant draw ".

At the same time, the main leitmotif of the album promises to be a whole new song "Autumn. You're My Spring ", which the" Shadow of the Sun "plans to present already in September.

The album will also include already well-known Singles: "Laugh Lights" and a song in a duet with Kristina Panasyuk - "Last Nights Without You". Of course, the legendary ballads "Where the stars remind you" and "Good angel" are already enjoying the filling of the album. And this is not all!

The tour in support of the new album "Enchanted World" will start on November 2, and with the new album the band will visit the Kryvy Rih, the Dnieper, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv and other cities, with which there are currently active negotiations.

The final concert tour will take place in Kyiv at the club "Atlas" on December 2.

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