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Tina Karol

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Tina Karol's concerts in Ukrainian cities will take place from October 25 to December 7, 2023.

Why should you go to Tina Karol's concert?

  1. A real star of Ukrainian pop music.
  2. New exclusive program of the singer's best hits.
  3. Incredible emotions from meeting with your favorite artist.

Tina Karol with a big concert in your city

Tina Karol is one of the most popular Ukrainian performers. The number of fans of the charming singer is constantly growing, Tina Karol's songs are known and loved by millions, and concerts are always sold out. A talented artist, in addition to concert activities, is actively engaged in charity work, participates in global cultural projects, and writes books. And now the unique performer invites everyone to her big concerts in Ukrainian cities!

Songs that inspire and unite, in an incredible performance

The luxurious singer has prepared a special concert program, which will include songs that you know well and sing along with your favorite artist at concerts. So be sure to come to get incredible pleasure from perfect vocals and be filled with new strength and dreams! Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for Tina Karol's concert?

You can order tickets for a concert in your city right now on the Concert.ua website.

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