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Tina Karol. All-Ukrainian tour

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1. To see the super-modern show on which the leading directorial and choreographic teams of the country
2. Talk to your favorite singer: Tina is always happy to talk to the public
3. Sing along with the whole hall songs that worship everyone from small to old

Sincere and penetrating Tina will sing for you, just imagine!


The new concert program of Tina Karol is a symbiosis of female stories, expressed in songs and dance performances in the style of modern and contemporary.

"The versatility of women is the embodiment of the unity and struggle of opposites. We love and hate, we take offense and forgive, we lose hope and again we firmly believe. This concert is about how different love can be. I will sing about the fact that true love never ceases, but continues to be, to live, create and rejoice, "- says the singer.

Tina Karol goes on tour in support of her new album - the concert will feature both the premiere of the songs and the best hits of the singer.

A separate feature will be a live live broadcast of the concert on large screens. Multi-camera shooting, parallel editing with graphics and visual effects will be used. A directing team led by Maxim Deliergiev will work on the live broadcast.

The audience will be able to see what is not visible from the auditorium, to see every emotion of the beloved singer. Modern choreography, live sound, light and video special effects will make the show colorful and filled with a whole palette of feelings.

Choreographer of the tour was Vasily Kozar (Kozar Dance Theater)

The directors of the new solo program of Tina Karol became Natalia Ostrikova, Natalia Lysenkova and Maria Grigorashkenko, known for their directing of the vocal project "Voice of the Kraini" on the channel 1 1

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