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Why should go to the concert of Tina Karol "Carols"?

1. Make a New Year's gift to yourself and your loved ones.
2. Feel how music can heal the soul.
3. To arrange a good holiday for your family.

Tina Karol has prepared a terrific surprise for fans! This New Year's gift is a Christmas program called "Carols and Selected Hits."

The concert will consist of two parts. First, Tina will perform the most famous folk carols, but in the original musical treatment. Songs that celebrate Christmas once again prove that in the eternal struggle between light and darkness, good always triumphs!

According to Tina Karol, today people almost lost faith in a miracle. But miracles are everywhere, they are around us, one has only to open their eyes and heart to them! The performer sees her mission in inspiring people with music. Forgotten Ukrainian carols will surely touch you with beauty, melody and authenticity. By the way, the singer herself will appear at the concert in front of the audience in a very unexpected and bright fantasy image of Kolyada.

And in the second part of the concert, Tina Karol fans will be able to sing along to their long-beloved hits. You will hear the favorites from the repertoire of the artist.

Arrange yourself the best gift for the New Year holidays! Waiting for you!

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