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The new program of Tina Karol is a symbiosis of women's stories expressed in songs and dance performances in the style of modern and contemporary. The ballet Kozar Dance Theater takes part in the concert under the guidance of choreographer Vasily Kozar.

“Intonation” is a bright and complex technological show. Thanks to the transportable television station, the concert uses multi-camera photography, parallel editing with graphics and visual effects. For the first time, viewers see a live life-broadcast of the concert right on the screens in the hall.

“Each song is the intonation of my soul. In this album I am intoning sincerely and purely, with tenderness and anguish. This is the revelation of my female I. I am sure that everyone will hear their intonations in my new songs, ”says Tina Karol about her new album, which sounds completely in concert. The singer also sings all her famous hits, the concert lasts two and a half hours.

Modern choreography, live sound, light and video special effects make the show colorful and filled with the whole palette of feelings.

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