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Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

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Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. (M. Kotsyubynsky)

On our stage there is a mystical legend, which was told to the world by Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky, and on the screen it was played by Serhiy Paradzhanov with the unique Ivan Mykolaychuk and Larysa Kadochnikova in the lead roles. We are against comparisons, but we want to show how we feel about the story of Ivan and Marichka. At least the fact that the theater is located on Ivan Mykolaychuk Street, and the house where the actor lived is right next to our theater. Our actors, whom you are most likely used to seeing and perceiving exclusively as brilliant vocalists, will appear on stage as dramatic actors. Here ... Not everyone discovered surprises. So we are waiting ....

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