Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

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Let's start, sorry, from the second birth. From the release of the cinema screens of the famous painting “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. This film instantly became on all continents of the planet not just an event in art, but a real discovery.

The discovery of the unknown and mysterious, but such an exciting and life-filled world of the ancient Ukrainians. Then the famous poetic prose, born primarily of the heart and soul of Mikhail Kotsyubinsky, was conveyed to contemporaries Sergei Paradzhanov with the fantastic Larisa Kadochnikova in the title role.

Years and decades passed. Their children, and then their grandchildren, appeared among those whose parents watched that unsurpassed film. And now, with his view on the history of his native country, with his understanding and sense of long-standing events, director Ivan Uryvsky debuted at the theater. And the audience of Kiev and Odessa, which in fact was lucky to witness the third birth of the national classics from Kotsyubinsky, exploded with applause.

And more years have passed. But the audience’s enthusiasm for avant-garde and at the same time fully justified plastic-musical action, created by Uryvskiy on a classical basis, with surprisingly unexpected and impressive stage effects of the 21st century, does not pass. It is here that for the third time the unique picture, born on the roots of our history, is being revived.

By the way, the audience of this performance will take places not in the hall, but directly on the stage, where, in fact, the events unfold, therefore there are very few sales places.

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