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The play "Toxins" in Kyiv. The Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater presents the production of Toxins in the original genre of thea clip.

Why is it worth going to the play "Toxins" in Kyiv?

1. An unusual production based on a play by a famous Polish playwright.
2. The performance in an unexpected format of plot-dialogs.
3. Acute problems and features of relationships, which are worth considering.

The play "Toxins" in Kyiv

We invite you to the Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater for a play in the genre of theo-clip based on the play by the Polish playwright Krzysztof Bizo "Toxins". A non-standard production based on the paradox of successive dialogs is a new experience and fresh impressions for the viewer.

Do not miss.

An unusual genre and important topics staged by the Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater

The performance with a complex arrangement of plot lines and deep semantic content attracts the attention of the public from the first minutes. Five different stories, five exciting paintings look at one go. The trace left in the mind of the viewer is not erased for a long time.

At first it seems that the dialogues of the heroes are not interconnected. "Volumetric" understanding comes with a finale, when the all-consuming "toxicity" of society clearly emerges.

"Toxins" – about the poisoned relations between representatives of different generations. Toxins are spread by careerists, egoists, short-sighted people. Time to find true values?

Director – Oleksii Lisovets.
Actors – Serhii Kyiashko, Serhii Korshykov, Volodymyr Kravchuk, Dmytro Oliinyk, Vladyslav Pysarenko.

The language of the performance is Ukrainian.

Duration – 2 hours, without intermission.

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17 September 2020 19:00

Kyiv, Kyiv Theater of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of the Dnipro

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