Last year's snow

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Performance by a play by Oleg Mykolaychuk-Nyzovets "Take Off the Waiter from Heaven, or Why Did It Last Year's Snow"

director, Honored Artist of Ukraine Irina Kalashnikova

Honored Artist of Ukraine Sergey Melnyk.

Alexandra Polguy, Malvina Saliychuk, Darina Yakusheva.

Anastasia Andrienko.

Light Director:
Dmitry Levenko.

Eugene Chuev

The main character Alfonso visited the cafe to celebrate the day of his triumph. He orders last year's snow, a cup of cold coffee and a burnt egg.

Waiting for the order, in his memoirs there are students, each with drops of his "originality". Although for him they are just dolls.

However, we will not forget: if it is too long to play dolls, there is a high probability of becoming a toy in the hands of someone ... Alfonso ordered last year's snow never bring him, because it is impossible to recover what was lost forever.

Welcome to the premiere!

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