New Year's Space Show Transformers in Search of the Planet

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Why is it worth to go to "Transformers in search of the planet. New Year's space show"?

1. Communicate with the transformers.
2. Lighting and laser special effects will erase the line between fiction and reality.
3. Really original children's show, which will appeal to adults.

Plunge into a fantastic adventure with children at the New Year's premiere of "Transformers in search of the planet. New Year's space show"

In their amazing journey, with a lot of adventures, the transformers do not even suspect that they will meet an unusual planet called Earth. Be the first to congratulate incredible guests! This amazing cognitive children's space show of a new format will be interesting for both children and parents!

Why the New Year's space tree? It's simple! You are waiting for 18 unique characters, exciting interactive story, saturated with lighting and laser effects, huge Transformers and inhabitants of the planets, with a wonderful game of actors!

From the first minutes of traveling through the planets of the solar system, none of the viewers can not take their eyes off and take a breath! Having visited on 8 planets, you will learn how our Universe is arranged and you will get to the world on the verge of reality and illusion, where together with the heroes become participants of fantastic adventures! For ease of perception, all information is served in a game, humorous style, visually complemented by a large screen on the stage in the form of a porthole.

The program is designed for children from 4 to 12 years. Duration - 1 hour.

Babies up to 4 years old admission is free (without providing a separate place, the child sits on the hands of an adult).

The creators have done everything to make you have unforgettable impressions and warm New Year's memories. Want to get into the world of transformers and give an unusual holiday to your children? Then book tickets right now and come January 5 to the fantastic Show!

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