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Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom.

Directors Katrina Schenk (Germany, 1986) and Peter Kant (United Kingdom, 1986) met at the European Theater Convention in 2016 at GOGOLFEST in Kiev (Ukraine). At the festival, they first created a joint product "The World Does Not End" with young Ukrainian actors.

The following year, they invited the actors to the summer residence in the castle Schloss Freudenberg (Wiesbaden, Germany), creating the play “Wooden Chair” with them, which premiered during the 10th GOGOLFEST. After the success of their shows in Kiev, Schenk and Kant at the invitation of ETC and Deutsches Theater (Berlin, Germany) release in December 2017 the play "I Tell You We Must Die", presented as a project continuing in time. Further, the duo creates in the Deutsches Theater an original work jointly by Junges DT's Frühlingscamp, the basis of which is the stage reading of the book “Healthy and Delicious Food” by Pavel Arvi.

For Katharina and Peter, each work begins with a space in which action, character, movement, text and music are born. Despite the fact that the physical space remains unchanged, and the actors work only with the simplest requisites, the participants from the audience live in a kind of "dream architecture", being co-authors of the action through their attention to image, sound and space.

At the beginning of the third year of cooperation, Katharina, Peter and the actors (who during this time became part of the new generation of Dakhovs), unite and begin work on the autumn residence. For a month, the team lives in Schloss Freudenberg and explores the concepts of travel, home and transit. The completion of the work becomes a new intimate performance "TRANZYT", which premiered in Wiesbaden in October 2018.

As part of the research part, the team made Schloss Freudenberg their temporary home to expand their intercultural dialogue and include visitors and staff of the castle, proposing a household model of family life as a utopian concept, manifested in the act of conscientious being. In other words, to interpret a house not as a place, but as a meaning, determined not by boundaries, but by the values ​​of self-expression and exchange.

TRANZYT is the place to cross the river. This word is in a state of change, fluctuating back and forth between its Ukrainian, English and German equivalents. Whether we recognize it or not, we are all in this state forever. When we go through the doorway. When we enter an unexpected room. Or when a tiny planet passes the last revolution around the sun.

Directed by - Katharina Schenk, Peter Kant.
The actors are Sonya Baskakova, Igor Dimov, Alexandra Indiuk, Semen Kisly, Vladimir Rudenko, Daniil Shramenko.

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