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Three anecdotes on one topic

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Why should go to the play "Three anecdotes on one topic"?

1. Get new impressions of an interesting comedy-detective genre.
2. Three different plots of the play are combined by very colorful characters.
3. The ironic presentation of a sensitive topic will not leave anyone indifferent.

We invite you to a vivid performance "Three anecdotes on one theme." The comedy-detective story about such a delicate problem as adultery is the key to a great evening in the theater!

The basis for the production was the plots of three well-known short stories: “Catch” Panas Mirny, “Chorist” by Anton Chekhov and “Fear” by Stefan Zweig. All works are connected by a single theme. This is adultery. Given that stories differ in plot, there is still something in common in them. These are two clever and funny "detective-fat", who had the job of following the wrong spouses.

Actors playing the role of heroes steeped in their sins are still not averse to presenting their ironic view of the problem. The performance is replete with dance numbers with plastic choreography. Tango and gypsy overtones are woven together...

We invite young couples and spouses "with experience": the play will entice everyone.

The language of the performance is Ukrainian.