Trio of Love, or Trauma of Recognition

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Why is it worth going to the play "Trio of Love, or Trauma of Recognition"?

1. This is an unexpected opportunity to look into the theatrical inner world.
2. Enjoy a spicy playful humor.
3. Laugh and even cry.

The play "The Trio of Love, or Trauma of Recognition" combines the works of the English writer Robert Anderson and the French playwright Marcel Mitu.

This production will open up a world of behind-the-scenes. After all, it often happens that actors are having fun on stage, amusing spectators, but behind the drapery of heavy curtains, love afflictions and cunning intrigues begin. You can fully enjoy the reception of "theater in the theater", when it is difficult to draw a clear line between actors and spectators.

The connecting link of the play is the figure of the Playwright, who writes the play. He watches all the actions from the side. While in the center of the story unfolds the story of the loving men and women - actors who rehearse the stage from the production.

The play uses a lot of popular lyrical music of American and French composers of the 20th century, under which artists perform their incendiary and sensual dances.

Director-director - Lyubov Titarenko, artistic director of the Bravo Drama Theater, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine.

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