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Why go to the play Arc de Triomphe?

1. Novation setting.
2. Four scenes.
3. Become an accomplice of the performance and plunge into the World of fantasy and thoughts of significant people.

The texts of Remark in the context of the current situation are relevant and urgent, Remarque is a documentary of his time.

Our team identified the main themes of the novel and We talk about them through the prism of an extraordinary artistic plan in which viewers become accomplices in the action: refugees, human values, psychology of relationships Men and Women (Kama Sutra), Dreams (Subconsciousness (and reality (Consciousness), Surgery , Abortion, Prostitution, Cancer, Mobilization, War and all topics and events We see through the prism of the main character, who makes a conscious choice each time and Gets what he thinks about and what he fears most in the world to sleep with Mrs. Death, to be freed from childhood traumas, panic attacks, alcoholism, cynicism and not Love to Yourself, to rake up the ashes of dead years, to stop being a dead man on leave and a stone, to drown the voice of Reason and hear His Heart, Intuition, Animal instincts, to accept Your dark side, break the heart, with forgiveness, and let Faith in Love and Harmony into life.The viewers go through the Path of Pain and Purification together with the main Hero!

For us, the main task is to hear the author, learn the imperial stratum of the novel, relate it to today's realities of life and immerse in the future. Thus to create in the auditorium four layers about which the author himself writes: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual, in the name of purification - catharsis.

We immerse the viewers into the world of our fantasies and thoughts of significant people that we studied while creating the product: Remarque, Marlene Dietrich, Salvador Dali, Charlie Chaplin, Hitler, Rene Magritte, Leni Riefenstahl, Greta Garbo, Van Gogh, Wagner and many others.

Remarque raises topics that are relevant to today's viewer!

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