Three piglets

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Why is it worth going to the play Three little pigs?

1. To arrange a family day with children.
2. See the original interpretation of the famous story.
3. To be amazed at the incredible embodiment of a fairy tale by puppets.

The world famous fairy tale "Three Little Pigs" is familiar, perhaps, to all. And for cartoons, and for books, and for movies. And of course, on theatrical productions.

The adventures, which fall three brothers - a round pink pigs with flickering tails, like a lot of generations. In the play, small viewers will learn that friendship, responsibility and courage are exactly the things that unite all in the face of danger and can save in a difficult moment. We present the original interpretation of your favorite fairy tale.

In the puppet story, everything starts with a clockwork and fun song-dance in the style of rap! The storyteller-artist will draw a story about the adventure of three restless pigs. In front of you is a summer clearing, the sun shines brightly on the blue sky, fragrant flowers on the green grass. And now he begins to draw the figures of the main characters ... and the piglets come to life. The fairy tale begins!

Director - Yuri Chaika, production designer - Svetlana Prokofieva, musical design - Sergei Zolotarev.

Come to see this fun puppet show! It will be very modern and temperamental!

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