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TseSho is a musical-theater group in the genre of "social rave". Mirror of modern day, voice of young Ukraine, gang of cultural kamikaze, choir of bright future.

It will be a chamber rave in the theater. Four actresses with cello, double bass, accordion, melody, saxophone and xylophone in their hands. Recently, a mysterious fifth member joined the band, with the arrival of the musicians mastering electronic sound.

The creative director of TseSho is Vlad Trinity - the theater director and founder of GogolFest. TseSho's members are also part of the cast of his DAH theater.

TseSho explores who we are, where and how we live, talking about the problems of the modern man. Their purpose is to make you short. Inside there, in the chest and skull. No morals or teachings - everyone has their own experience, they just reflect it.

TseSho is a musical-psychological trip, a voluminous and pervasive sound, a magical opportunity to shuffle your understanding of the world.

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