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Why should you go to TseSho concert?

1. Hear the voice of young Ukraine.
2. See a performance that will make us think about the actual problems of our modern times.
3. To see the real doll cabaret.

Who are they? Choir of a brighter future or a mirror of the modern day? Both. This is TseSho - the phenomenon of the Ukrainian music scene.

This social rave band was created in 2016. The name of its founder speaks for itself. Vlad Troitsky is known for his unique projects of CSE "Dakh", Dakh Daughters and DakhaBrakha.

In the work of TseSho more questions than answers. After all, the guys reflect on the surrounding reality. The composition Hate created a sensation, having collected positive reviews from critics and the public. Their keen and juicy exploration of reality is memorable and amazing!

Artists have their own unique style. For example, with them on the stage there are their reduced copies - five dolls in colored hats and overalls. The musicians play the cello, accordion, double bass, saxophone, xylophone, melody, percussion.

At the concert, TseSho will perform and show 15 compositions that are designerly woven into a special sequence with original transitions. Do not miss the opportunity to get aesthetic pleasure! See you at the band!

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