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TVORCHI concerts in Ukrainian cities will be held from July 16 to July 20, 2023.

Why should you go to a TVORCHI concert?

  1. One of the brightest representatives of the young Ukrainian generation of musicians.
  2. Heart of Steel's massive live show of top hits and new tracks.
  3. Crazy emotions that will lift you off the ground and give you wings.

Popular band TVORCHI with concerts in Ukrainian cities

TVORCHI became the main discovery in the recent musical history of our country. In the creative work of artists, there are already 4 albums, each of which topped the main music chart of Ukraine. In addition, the collective's arsenal includes the prestigious awards "Band of the Year", "Album of the Year", "Concert Show of the Year" for the performance at the Kyiv bicycle track and other important victories. Among them is an honorable 4th place from the viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest, where TVORCHI's song about the steel hearts of Ukrainians was heard by 200 million listeners. And the band's number was named the most stylish performance of this year's competition. Thanks to participation in Eurovision, TVORCHI collected more than 12 million hryvnias, which will be spent on the purchase of special equipment to support the lives of premature babies in Ukraine. The musicians will continue their important mission with concerts in the Motherland.

TVORCHI on the stage of your city as part of the Heart of Steel tour

Heart of Steel is the musicians' first Ukrainian tour. With their performances, the artists strive to express their sincere gratitude to all Ukrainians who, supporting each other, continue their tireless struggle, each on their own front. The concert program includes the super hits Bonfire, "Don't Dance", Believe, "Body Language", as well as new works. Come and get unforgettable emotions from the performance of talented musicians! Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the TVORCHI concert?

You can choose a concert in your city and order tickets online at Concert.ua. Just do it now!

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