In the captivity of passions (Stone Lord)

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Spend the evening with pleasure! This time it is an amazing production by Mikhail Reznikovich "In captivity of passions (Stone Lord"), which definitely will not leave you indifferent.

The history of the windy, but always beloved Don Juan sang many legendary playwrights. About him told Moliere and Frisch, Pushkin and Tsvetaeva. Today, the viewer will see the production, created on the basis of the drama of the unsurpassed Lesya Ukrainka. Alas, this amazing performance is put too seldom. This evening is only the fifth. A unique production, talented actors, thoughtful design - all this promises the most vivid memories!

Sizzling passion is all that is needed in a person's life. So the famous Lovelace - Don Juan thought. He easily threw the one in whose eternal love he swore even yesterday, as soon as vivid feelings began to fade. But fate also has a sense of humor. It is she who brings the young man to the ambitious Donna Anna. And for the first time passion gives way to a stronger feeling - love.

The beauty accepts Don Juan's love, but its price is too high. She does not need to ruin the life of her unloved husband, or the unhappy Dolores. And now the husband is resting in the cemetery, and the "inconsolable" widow tries on the commander's cloak to the lover. She should not be satisfied with the role of only the wife of the commander! With such a companion, she will easily become a queen!

But you should pay for everything. And the account is already exposed. The vengeance is coming ...

Roles in the production are performed by Vladimir Raschuk (Commander), Natalia Share (Donna Anna), Evgeni Avdeenko (Don Juan), Olga Kulchitskaya (Dolores), Kirill Nikolayev, Vyacheslav Nikolenko (Sganarelle), Alexandra Ena (Donna Sol) and other wonderful actors Russdrama.

The length of the drama "In captivity of passions (Stone Lord") - 1 hour 25 minutes. The play is without intermission.

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In the captivity of passions (Stone Lord)

23 March 2019 19:00


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