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Cosmic New Year. In search of a new Earth

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Festive program "Cosmic New Year. In search of a new Earth" in Kyiv will be held at the Kyiv Planetarium.

Why should you go to the "Cosmic New Year" program. In search of a new Earth" in Kyiv?

  1. The best format of the holiday program for the whole family.
  2. An amazing combination of full-dome film and theatrical performance.
  3. A source of bright, unforgettable impressions.

Festive program "Cosmic New Year. In search of a new Earth" in Kyiv

Kyiv Planetarium presents a new format of programs for children and adults! This time, the New Year's holiday will take on a cosmic scale, and the audience will take a fabulous journey. Everyone will have an interesting and safe vacation at the Kyiv Planetarium, because it:
  • A fairy-tale space (a magical festive event takes place here);
  • The bright place is the space of Good (the planetarium is equipped with a powerful generator);
  • Comfortable space (in case of an air raid, guests can take shelter at the "Olympiyska" metro station);
  • Reliable space (if the program is canceled or stopped for objective reasons, the tickets remain valid).

Fabulous movements, the gravitational space of an unusual space Christmas tree and other surprises of the new program of the Kyiv Planetarium

The planetarium's New Year's program is truly unique. It combines high technologies (full-dome format, 3D effect) and an entertainment-theatrical show. At once, three festive events connected by a common scenario will take place in the fabulous space of the lobby and the Star Hall, which will turn into a New Year space portal of Hope, Goodness and Faith in the best. You will immerse yourself in the world of incredible adventures and even visit a New Year's space disco. Bright full-dome film "Cosmic New Year. In search of a new Earth" will tell about the incredible adventures of the mobile and inquisitive girl Celeste. She is sincerely interested in astronomy. And so, quite unexpectedly, the Moon himself came to visit her! The heavenly body invites Celeste on an educational journey through the universe to get acquainted with exoplanets, unknown worlds and super-earths. It turns out that there are exoplanet hunters who spend a long time searching for space objects similar to our Earth. Come to travel with Celestia and the Moon. And also - be sure to visit the festive cafe and beautiful photo zones. Are waiting for you!

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